McMan Youth, Family and Community Services has been a member of this community for a number of years. Recently there was an incident at our Triwood residence that resulted in the death of a young man identified by the police as Levi Marance. The victim and suspects were guests of a resident.

In the almost 40 years we have been operating in Calgary, nothing like this has ever happened. This is a tragic situation and our deepest sympathies go out to family and friends.

We completely understand why this tragedy would be concerning to the community and we want to reiterate that our priority is the safety of our residents, our neighbours and the Triwood community as a whole.

The Triwood residence is just one of Calgary’s options for affordable housing that is open to community members. It is also an independent living facility for 18-24 year olds who are working or in school, have shown responsibility and met specific criteria to qualify for the housing through McMan. These youth have progressed through multiple programs and services provided by McMan, receiving support and education until they have earned a spot to live independently and have a positive role in the community.

As always, safety is the top priority for McMan Youth, Family and Community Services. An incident like this, while an anomaly, does prompt us to review programs and procedures and we will work with residents and clients to improve our services. We will review our referral process and look at all practices related to communication with our young adults around rules of living at the residence.

Our organization has always promoted a practice of open communication with the community and we regularly meet with the community association to discuss any concerns. We will continue to work over the long term with Calgary Police Service with regular visits from the community liaison officer, and with the community association.

If you would like more information about our organization visit www.mcmancalgary.ca or our admin office at 1, 4004 – 19 Street NW. Email: Calgary@mcman.ca or Call 403-508-6259.


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