Dance Strong Fitness

If you think a full 60-minute Dance STRONG class may be too much to start, or you want to build strength and increase your cardio all at the same time, this is the class for you! We provide a mix of Dance STRONG Fitness© to boost your cardio & strength, along with resistance training using portable equipment in which no muscle will be forgotten. We offer many options for those just starting out, all the way up to the hard-core fitness junkies. Equipment includes resistance bands (with different strength options), bender balls, sliders and free weights. Every class is different and has so much variety you will need to come back week after to week to make sure you didn’t miss anything!

  • 60 minute class (Tuesday 9:30am @ Triwood; Wednesday 6:45pm @ Triwood)
  • Classes begins with a 3-5 song Dance STRONG warmup/cardio portion followed by a strength & resistance section and a stretch.
  • Focus on upper & lower body strength training, core strength, and cardio.
  • Class format varies from week to week so you are never bored! This may include Tabata,, circuits/stations, interval training, and general group exercise.
  • EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Please bring a set of 5-10 lb weights and a yoga mat. We also have a few extras at the hall.
*Morning classes are child-friendly; please feel free to bring your children under your own supervision.

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6:45pm – 7:45pm

Instructors: Michelle Neufeldt & Pierie Danysk