Q: Do I need to sign up for a volunteer position for the Triwood outdoor soccer season?
A: We strongly encourage everybody to sign up for a volunteer position during the registration process. The Triwood soccer program is run exclusively by volunteers so the more people who can contribute the better. A description of volunteer roles is available on the website. Most roles have been divided into small tasks so that they can fit into everyone’s busy schedules.
Q: It is very important for my child to play on the same team as his best friend. Is this possible?
A: We try to accommodate friendship requests where we have multiple teams on the same level. We also try to establish continuity amongst players and coaches as much as possible to support the friendships made on the teams from year to year. Please ensure that comments are added during the on-line registration process so that we know and understand your specific request.
Q: I have 2 children in the same age group and I would like them to be on the same team, is that possible?
A: The same rules as friendship requests are applicable. Triwood recreational soccer is to be fun and as convenient as possible.
Q: We missed the deadline for the late registration. Is there any way that we can still register?
A: Please contact the Triwood office at 403 282-2677. We try to accommodate all players, although team rosters, uniform ordering, etc., are all based on the number of players at the close of registration. It creates a significant logistical challenge if we have a continuous trickle of late registrants. Placement on a team can not be guaranteed after March 1.

Q: We do not live in Triwood (Charleswood, Collingwood, Foothill Estates) Can my child still register in the Triwood program?

A: Yes. There are no restrictions regarding residency in Triwood, however you will need to have a valid membership in the Triwood Community Association. Memberships can be purchased at the time of registration.
Q: I have a child this is 3 years old. Is this old enough to start playing in the Triwood soccer program?
A: Yes. We have programs from U4 ( Under 4) (parent supported) through to U18.
Q: We have registered our child for the upcoming season, however we have now decided that they will not be able to play. Can we get a refund?
A: Please see the Sports Refund Policy for refund availability and options.
Q: What is the cut off date for the different age groups?
A: We use January 1st as the cut-off date.
Q: Can my child play in a younger age group?
A: Unfortunately no. We allow kids to play up in age (if they require more competition), but do not allow kids to play down in age.


Team Questions
Q: Are their player evaluations?
A: We currently do not have player evaluations for our program (to keep things simple).
Q: Now that we are registered, when should we expect to be contacted about the season?
A: Coaches will be contacting their teams in mid April.
Q: I have never coached before however, I am interested in volunteering for a coaching position. Can I be considered for one of these positions despite my lack of experience?
A: Absolutely. We offer coaching clinics and a variety of other resources. All you need is enthusiasm and a couple hours a week.
Q: Once the season is underway, who should we contact regarding weather cancellations?
A: Your coach will be involved in the decision on whether the game will proceed based on current weather conditions. We have had instances where it was raining downtown and sunny at the fields. If in doubt as to whether or not a game will run, contact your coach.
Q: Does the Triwood Soccer program qualify for the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit?
A: Yes. This program meets the criteria for an eligible activity. For more information on the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit, visit the CCRA website @ http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/whtsnw/fitness-eng.html.
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