*Early Bird registration will open on May 1st – June 30th*

The fees for the 2017/2018 season are as follows:

The deadline for all  early bird registrations is June 30th of each new season. From July 1 onwards, registration fees increase by $50 per player.

Fees may vary depending on the community in which you reside and register. In addition, check with your community association for the applicable dues. As noted earlier, all ringette fees include membership payments to Ringette Calgary and Ringette Alberta, and one individual and team photo.






Early Bird

May 1st – June 30th

Late Registration

July 1st – July 15th

U7 2011,2012 $620 $670
 U10 2008,2009,2010  $830  $880
 U12 2006,2007  $830  $880
 U14 2004,2005  $830  $880
 U16 2002,2003  $880  $930
 U19 1999,2000,2001  $880  $930
  1. Please follow this link to register and pay your fees – Ringette Registration fees
  2. In addition you must also register with NW Ringette on their registration website (fees will be paid only to the community association) by the June 30th deadline. Note that your daughter will not be considered registered for the upcoming season unless you have registered with both your assigned community AND with NW Ringette. – NW RINGETTE REGISTRATION

Refund Policy

Refunds of ringette fees are as follows:
  • If a player registers and subsequently notifies the registrar of their desire to cancel their registration in writing prior to the end of the evaluation process, all fees except a $50 non-refundable administration fee will be refunded.
  • If a player notifies the registrar of their desire to cancel their registration in writing prior to November 1st, a portion of the fees will be refunded after deducting Ringette Alberta fees, Ringette Calgary fees, administrative fees, and pro-rata ice time fees.
  • Once a player has participated in league play, any fees for withdrawal would be pro-rated based on the amount charged for the season. The $50 administration fee would also be deducted.
  • An additional fee of $50 applies to registrations received on the NW Ringette website after the early bird registration deadline (currently June 30).


if for some reason you are unable to register for membership and Ringette please call Sarah on 403-282-2677 or contact via email triwoodoffice@shaw.ca

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