Volunteer Descriptions

(1) Head Coordinator 30 Hours

  • Coordinate the overall league
  • Help form teams
  • Organize other coordinator positions
  • Schedule Games
  • Manage Annual Budget
  • Liaison with Triwood Office
  • Update communications / Website / Registration System

(1) Referee Coordinator 4 -6 Hours

  • Arrange training for potential referees and returning referees
  • Schedule referees for all home games
  • Send the ref schedule to the coaches

(1) Field (Line painting) Coordinator 4-6 Hours

  • Pick up line paint
  • Schedule the line painters for season requirements
  • Notify parents of the initial painting schedule
  • Maintain lines throughout season (2-3 cycles based on need)

(3) Equipment Coordinators 4-6 Hours

  • Order jerseys, t-shirts and shorts as required (for upcoming season)
  • Organize the equipment
  • Sort & Distribute to Team Coordinators
  • Assess and Order additional equipment as required
  • Collect outstanding equipment / jersey returns (U10-U18) at season end
  • Provide year end inventory summary/needs for following year

(1) Photo Coordinator 4-6 Hours

  • Book the Photographer & Arrange Photo Location
  • Create a photo schedule for the teams
  • E-mail the coaches with the schedule
  • Support photographer in organizing teams during photo session
  • Arrange photo distribution (once completed) to Team Coordinators
  • Pair with the Prize coordinator to merge the pickups
  • Complete by first week of June

(1) Prize Coordinator 4-6 Hours

  • Confirm prize budget with head coordinator
  • Select Prize Format
  • Order sort and arrange prizes by team
  • Arrange prize distribution (once completed) to Team Coordinators
  • Pair with the Photo coordinator to merge the pickups
  • Complete by first week of June

(3) Team Coordinators U6-U8 / U10-U12/ U14-U18 4-6 Hours

  • Sort the teams & contact coaches with the team lists and contact information
  • Send final team lists to Head & Equipment Coordinator
  • Distribute Coaching Clinic information to Coaches
  • Distribute T-Shirts / Jerseys to Team Coaches (pick up from Equipment Coordinator)
  • Distribute prize & photos to team coaches (pick up from Prize & Photo Coordinators)
  • Retrieve equipment & Jerseys (U10-U18) at season end
  • Provide year end update to Head coordinator on what worked & could be improved

(18) Coaches

  • Responsible for running team practices and games
  • Communicate game times & cancellations to parents
  • Confirm game cancellations (due to inclement conditions) with other team coach
  • Reschedule make-up games (as required) between the two coaches
  • Arrange for assistant coach / parent volunteers to manage line substitutions
  • Manage the team equipment for the season
  • U10 – U18 Referees are paid (Triwood funds) at the end of a home game.
  • Have referee sign the reimbursement form.

(18) Assistant Coaches

  • Support coaches / backfill during season as required
  • (U4-U8) Manage kids line changes during the game
  • (U4-U8) Work with parents to arrange a snack schedule for the kids
  • (U10-U18) Arrange for Jersey returns at season end to Team Coordinator
  • (U10-U18) Work with Parents to set up Sideline Referee (Out of bounds volunteer schedule) for each game

(28) Season Finale – Volunteers 1 Hour

A.K.A Super Soccer Saturday – Morning of June 18, 2012 – U6, U8, U10 Mixed, U12

  • Garbage Detail
  • Cooks for the Grill
  • Set-up / Tear-down
  • Field Runners (U12 between fields)

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