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community clean up

SEPTEMBER 17, 2023
9AM - 2PM

Each year the City of Calgary Waste and Recycling Services and Community Standards partner with Community Associations to help residents get rid of unwanted household items and property waste. This event saves residents a trip to the landfill for items that do not fit in their waste and recycling carts.  For 2023, The City of Calgary provides 3 packer trucks for the clean (2 for regular waste). This is a FREE service for all Calgarians.

Paint, Chemicals, Tires, Liquids, Car Batteries, Household Appliances and Propane Tanks are NOT allowed. 

Technotrash will accept car batteries & Drop-in Center will accept small Household Appliances

Triwood Community has booked additional vendors to help residents dispose of  and donate other unwanted items including; electronics, metal recycling, & donations.

Vendors Onsite;

City of Calgary; Waste and Organic Trucks

Technotrash; for your electronic recycling 

Metal-Alcop; for all your metals 

Calgary Drop-In Center Donations; Household items and clothing donations 

Volunteer Positions:

In order to host our Clean Up, we require 10-15 volunteers. Tasks include directing traffic, helping unload items, etc. We will supply our volunteers with safety vests and gloves. To volunteer please visit our Volunteer Page or reach out to

Items Accepted: 


~ TV’s (LCD, CRT or Plasma)
~ Computer Systems including:
~ Computer Accessories (Monitors, mice, keyboards & speakers)
~Computer parts (Cables, Cords, fans, power
supplies, Hard drives for destruction, CPU, ram chips and boards)
~ Laptops, notebooks, tablets and E-readers

~ Car Batteries
~ Printers, Fax Machines, Copiers and Scanners
~ Small CLEAN household appliances: Fans, hair dryers, heaters, irons, microwaves, toasters, vacuums (empty only), etc.
~ Audio visual: CD players, VCR/DVD players, stereo equipment, cable boxes, satellite equipment, digital cameras, video cameras, etc.
~ Networking/Telecommunications Equipment (hubs, switches, modems, routers and phones), Cell phones and charges, answering machines, etc.
~ All power and air tools: drills, grinders, saws, nail guns, compressors, table saws, etc.
~ Games, toys and music including: Amplifiers, guitars, keyboards, microphones, electric/electronic toys, Video gaming equipment including game cartridges.
~ Wires and Cables (Christmas lights less bulbs)
~ Testing Equipment, Circuit boards

Calgary Drop-In Center;

~Greatest Needs:

· Bed Frames, Box Springs, and Mattresses (without rips, tears, or stains)

· Can Openers

· Couches (without rips, tears, or stains)

· Dressers

· Kitchen Tables and Chairs

· Laptops

· Men’s and Women’s Underwear

· Toasters

· Toothbrushes

· Travel Size Hygiene Supplies

~General Items We Accept:

· Clothing, Linens, and Towels

· Computers and Electronics

· Gently Used to New Furniture

· Household Miscellaneous, kitchenware, and Small Appliances

· Hygiene Supplies

Items Not Accepted:


Paint, Chemicals, Tires, Liquids, Car Batteries, Household Appliances and Propane Tanks are NOT allowed. 


~Liquids of any kind (Gas, Paint or Chemical)
~Compressed cylinders (propane tanks or fire extinguishers)
~Hazardous waste
~Household batteries
~Large appliances (stoves, dishwashers, washers, dryers)
~Anything with Freon (AC units, water coolers or fridges)
~Fluorescent light fixtures or bulbs
~Smoke detectors
~Glass of any kind
~Media - VHS tapes, DVD’s or CD’s
~Rechargeable Batteries loose
~Ink and Toner loose

Calgary Drop-In Center;

~Items We Do Not Accept:

· Books

· Broken Furniture

· Car Seats, Cribs, High Chairs, Strollers

· Electric Exercise Equipment

· Helmets

· Home Renovation Items

· King Size Beds

· Large Appliances

· Large Glass Hutches

· Large Office Furniture

· Patio Furniture

· Yard Maintenance Supplies

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