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Triwood Community Association is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Little Lemon Sports, a dynamic initiative that seamlessly blends learning and fun for young participants. Much like the refreshing combination of lemonade on a hot day, Little Lemon Sports crafts thoughtful programs tailored to the natural progression of children's learning on the ice. Divided into three key areas – balance, control, and agility – each program spans eight weeks, offering 30-minute & 40-minute lessons!

Skating is a fantastic activity for children of all ages, imparting essential values such as patience, participation, and perseverance. With this collaboration, Triwood and Little Lemon Sports aim to create an enriching environment where young skaters not only develop fundamental skills but also cultivate a love for physical activity. As we embark on this partnership, we look forward to witnessing the growth, smiles, and memorable experiences that skating with Little Lemon Sports will bring to the Triwood community.

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