triwood takeout

While it's always important to honor your mother and those women, who have nurtured you - Mother's day is a very special day to ensure they feel super special and appreciated! 

While most years, we will have a beautiful  banquet room to celebrate in, and serve you and your loved ones, this year looks a little different. While we will still prepare your delicious brunch, here at the community, in our commercial kitchen, we will be serving it to go. You will have everything you need, to bring home a warm brunch to your family on Mother's day, while eliminating the cooking and cleaning. 

Triwood has catered special events for over 20 years, with our passionate chef Gerd Steinmeyer, who retired a few years back. The catering team was taken over by his trusted colleague and friend Steven Lepine. We now work with Steven and his two colleagues to execute weddings, showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and special holidays. 

For further details on our regular events catering menu, please take a look through our venues and events section on the website.