Mother's day 2022

We want to be part of your day! Our Executive Chef and event team have organized a menu and service to cater to you for Mother's Day.  Brunch will be in our main banquet hall on Sunday, May 8th. We have two seating times to choose from. 10am and noon.

Images from our catered tasting event January 2022, Where we hosted 17 couples that chose Triwood as their wedding venue for 2022! 

See our full menu below! 


Beef on a bun with Au Jus

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken (D)

Basmati Rice (C)(V)

Baked Mac and Cheese (V)

Roasted Vegetables with Olive Oil & Garlic

Mixed Greens with Red Wine Vinaigrette (G)(V)

Caprese Salad (V)(G)

Ambrosia Salad (V)

Market Vegetable and Cheese Platter (V)(G)

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes (V)

Hashbrowns (G)(V)

Breakfast Sausage & Bacon (G)(V)

Desserts; Croissants, Strudel & More

Coffee, Tea and Juices Included





15% gratuity added to tickets 


(G) Gluten Free (D) Dairy Free (V) Vegetarian