1959 - A group of concerned parents approached the City to help defray costs of flooding in small area community reserves for pleasure skating and hockey.

1960- The first boarded rink was erected with financial assistance from the City and in the same year.

1961- The first President of the association was elected, and the association was renamed to include the three communities: Brentwood, Collingwood and Charleswood.

1961- Buildings were erected due to the hard work and financial support of community members – a total of $35.00 was asked from each family and down payments as low as $3.00 and post-dated cheques for $1.00 per month were accepted.  When that still was not sufficient to complete paying for the construction, the Royal Bank provided a loan for $15,000 backed by $9500.00 in promissory notes from co-signers in the community willing to commit $100.00.

1966- The loan was completely paid back and a mortgage burning ceremony was held at the Winter Carnival that year.