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January was a short but sweet month for JT’s Clubhouse. Our reopening on January 28th was paired with our January Community Event: JT’s Tropical Night. It was a fantastic winter escape with food, drinks, games, and laughs.

We were ecstatic to have six teams come and compete in the activities of the evening. There was Tropical Trivia, Tropigories (like Scattergories but tropical), our unique spin on The Honeymoon Game, Name That Tropical Tune, and a game of Joey’s original creation that the community helped name “Oodles of Noodles & Towels”.

It was lovely to see community members not just compete against one another but also get to know each other too even from their separate tables. We want to thank the community members that attended. You all made paradise even better than we could have hoped for, we were happy to send plenty of community members off with prizes and gift certificates.

We hope to see you in the clubhouse soon!

Our next community event is coming up on February 25th, which will be a flurry of music and competition; Name That Tune: Turn of the Century (1990s-2000s). Registration is open now with more details for you to see under the JT’s Clubhouse tab.

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