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 2020 Triwood Soccer  


Registration for the 2020 Triwood Soccer Season opens on February 3rd. You can register for soccer HERE Late fees apply after March 2nd. 

Super Soccer Saturday : Stay tuned for more information.

Coaches Clinics: Please stay tuned for more information. 


When registering for soccer please sign up for one of the following roles. We can only have a successful Soccer season when everyone pitches in to volunteer. 

Field Coordinator-

Ensure line paint is purchased from Gregg Distributors.  Field Painting weekend before first games.

Line painting measuring and supplies.  Book people to keep up with the fields through season, so lines don’t have to be measured again.


 Equipment Coordinator- 

Handing out mid-April- collect at the end of June

one or two coordinators- ensure jerseys are ordered before spring break to arrive in time for April 20ish. Also in charge of purchasing equipment.


Equipment Assistant-  We suggest one person per team just to make things easier on everyone. Getting all the equipment sorted and ready for the season.


Photo Coordinator- set up a date.  Get team lists- print for volunteers,  make schedule- 8 mins per team 


Referee Coordinator.- get U10.U13/U15 schedules- list of referees- sibling and game conflicts- and schedule- have list of cell phones/home phones for last minute.

If coaches cancel- need to tell the referee.  Referee shirts- timesheets.


Head Coach- One Required per team and run team practices and games. Will be in charge of collecting and returning equipment at the start and end of the season. Will communicate game schedules and game calculations. 


Assistant Coach- One required per team and will assist the head coach during all team practices and games. 


Line Painters- Maintaining and painting soccer lines.