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​A summer full of fun and learning is waiting for your child at one of our uniquely themed camps. 

Summer camp provides an organized social activity for your child, through the summer months. Our wide range of themes create learning opportunities and encouraging friendships. While our camps are educational and run by professional staff, the main goal is always to have FUN. Over the past two years, we have been executing activities in a controlled environment with safety measures in place. We have adjusted games and activities to provide safer options. 

Our full day CO-ED summer sports camps are geared toward kids ages 4-12. Campers will engage in a variety of activities and games related to the weekly theme.  Each week your child will participate in activities, games and crafts related to an exciting theme where we will promote academic and social development, fine motor skills, creativity, out of the box thinking, and most importantly - FUN! Our 2023 camps have been divided into the following age groups; Tots (4-5), Juniors (6-8) and (9-12) with each week following the same theme for both groups.

Summer camps have been tailored to what's feasible, practical, safe, and fun for the times we are in. Our camps are executed by professional staff who are trained on all AHS day camp regulations related to the Covid-19 and First Aid. The facility has ample space to divide activities and participants.


Please note that if you have not registered for anything at Triwood in the past 6 months, you will need to create a NEW account in our system. A free annual membership will be added to your cart at check out as well as an activity membership, if this is your first activity registration (**previously sports fee**). An activity membership is required per person / annually to participate in Triwood programming. Our free annual membership is valid for community events and JT's clubhouse. 


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  Tots: $100/Week                                                                   Juniors & Kids: $195 /Week   |   Before Care: $25/Week  |   After Care: $20/Week