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Triwood's bar service allows you to either supply your own alcohol or have us stock your bar. To provide your own alcohol you must;

Supply your own liquor license

Pay a corkage fee per person ($6/plastic $7/glass) Provide a ticket seller - If you're selling alcohol Pay bartender wages


Please note two bartenders are required for all events with alcohol being served. Bartenders are $20/hour for however many hours you require them.

Included with corkage fee; Mix, Garnish and Glassware

18% gratuity is added to the bar subtotal to be split between bartenders. No tip jar will be put out on the day of the event.


If you choose to have Triwood provide your bar - you would not require your own liquor license or to pay corkage fees. We would stock your bar with a variety of wine, beer, and liquor.

Our drink prices are; $5/highballs $6/beer and wine

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