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We are pleased to kick off our first ever planter fundraiser in partnership with the Blue Grass Nursery!

As part of our Spring fundraising initiatives to make Triwood Community even brighter, we are collecting orders for patio planters, caged tomato plants and hanging flower baskets. These beautiful planters will help brighten up your yard in time for the warmer months.

Fundraising directly helps make our spaces even better for the community. The funds from this initiative will be put towards installing a water bottle refilling station in the arena, to best serve the busy hockey players, ringette players and skaters that enjoy our facilities. 

Here are the planter options for sale: 
  1. 10" Premium Hanging Flower Basket: $25.00
  2. 10" Premium Patio Planter with assorted coloured flowers: $25.00
  3. 12" Premium Patio Planter in assorted coloured flowers: $30.00
  4. 12" Caged Tomato plant: $20.00

ORDER PICK UP: Mon. May 13 at Triwood Community Association, 1pm - 5pm

Deadline for all orders was April 11, 2024. All orders that have already been submitted will be followed up for payment, and reached out to regarding fulfillment.



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