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We are excited to announce our 2020 Halloween event at Triwood!

On the night of Halloween, households who participated in our candy drop off program throughout the month of October will have a door hanger that looks like this on their door: 

When Trick or Treaters see one of these signs, they will then head to the Community Association which will be well marked by our pumpkin logo which will be appearing throughout the community.

From there, volunteers will direct Trick or Treater's to begin the Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt! Participation is not mandatory to receive candy however it is highly encouraged!

For those who choose to participate, they will be given a map that will guide them to houses and landmarks around the neighborhood. After completing some of the tasks, trick or treaters will return to the community association where they will get their candy.

Our mission this year was to create an event that allowed households to participate in trick or treating in a safe and socially distanced way. In a year of uncertainty, we hope to facilitate an unforgettable Halloween!  In order to save Halloween during the Pandemic, we need to ask for 3 things from the community:  1. Candy Donations: In order for our curbside candy pick up to work, we need donations! Instead of handing out candy yourself, we will be able to safely provide trick or treaters with your goodies. 2. Volunteers: On the night of the event, we need volunteers to help hand out candy at the community center as well as people who are talented decorators! 3. Spreading the Word: Our goal is to make sure that everyone in the Triwood area feels safe being able to participate in Halloween this year. Help out the community by spreading the word!

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