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The vision of the Triwood Community Association is to serve as the heart of our community. Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to representing the community interest, fostering participation and embracing community spirit. 


The Association directly offers programming such as art classes, PD day camps,  soccer, summer camps and fitness. Our facilities are also home to  several other organizations, who are providing our communities with seniors programming, daycare, ringette, hockey, softball, dance, scouts and more. The Triwood arena offers public member skating and our volunteers maintain an outdoor rink for community use during the colder months! Bot the Triwood hall and arena offer rental spaces for members as well as the greater community.

June to September, Triwood hosts an outdoor farmer's market on Tuesdays from 3-7pm. The Association also hosts seasonal markets and community events (such as Stampede breakfast and holiday celebrations) throughout the year. JT’s Clubhouse is an all-ages restaurant and lounge available to our members Wednesday evenings from 5pm-10pm. Free Memberships are available to anyone would like to be a part of our active community!

The upkeep of our facilities are supported by the City of Calgary’s Community Capital Conservation Grant and The Province of Alberta’s Community Facility Enhancement Program. We would like to extend our ongoing thanks to both the City and the Province for their yearly support of our critical facility improvement projects.


Statistics copy.png

2023 Assessment Summary 

Information courtesy of Ward 4 Counsellor Sean Chu.


Thank you to all those that have supported our community events and programs by volunteering your time and efforts this year. We are truly grateful to have a membership interested in giving back to the community. Volunteers, like you, are always needed and always appreciated. Please reach out to to be part of our team. 

Our community depends on the support from our members to host programs and events; with your help we can do more!



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