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Burger Bash 2020

We would like to start off by thanking everyone who made it to Burger Bash last night, it was an awesome night full of delicious burgers, snacks, and drinks. Thank you to Rob Catton for cooking all of the burgers last night, they were fantastic!

Burger Wednesdays have been a long-standing tradition at Triwood which was brought back Summer 2019 for community members. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, burger nights had been paused until it was safe to relaunch.

For our relaunch, we wanted to get as much involvement as possible and Burger Bash was created as a relaunch event to JT's Clubhouse Burger Wednesdays. The support from the community was overwhelmingly positive and we are incredibly grateful. We had live music from The Older Than Dirt Band and Drinks courtesy of JT's Clubhouse.

Burger Wednesday's have now officially been relaunched, we will be offering $5 burgers 5-9 pm at JT's Clubhouse. We hope to see you there! If you have any additional questions. please email

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