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March Update - City of Calgary Proposed Rezoning

City Administration is proposing to change the Land Use for most low density inner city regions, including Triwood, to R-GC: Residential Grade-Oriented Infill District. Permitted uses for R-GC include Rowhouse Building and Contextual Semi-detached Dwellings. Discretionary uses include Single Detached Dwelling, Semi-detached Dwelling, Townhouse, Cottage Housing Cluster etc. R-GC is a newer, but existing Land Use in the current Bylaws.  More information defining what neighbourhoods this affects, timeline of events and ways the public have been engaged can be found on the City of Calgary website: Triwood Community Association's Update Triwood Community Association recognizes that this change would directly impact the residents and the communities of Triwood. We encourage community members to reach out directly to local council members and city representatives to ensure all opinions and concerns are heard, either for or against. Triwood Community Association encourages residents to ensure the potential impact of the rezoning is fully understood.  In addition, Triwood Community Association has submitted a letter to the Calgary City Councillors and Mayor asking to delay the decision on rezoning scheduled for the Public Hearing on April 22, 2024,to allow residents more time to better engage with their representatives to fully understand what the rezoning implementation means and how it could potentially affect their neighbourhoods. View the letter by clicking below.

2024-03-19 TCA Letter to Council on Rezoning
Download PDF • 174KB

Ensure your voice is heard

Ward 4 City Councillor

The Triwood residents' Ward 4 City Councillor is Sean Chu and his office can be reached by email at

City Council Anyone can submit comments relating to this specific topic to be considered for the City Council by filling out the form using the link below. Online feedback will be accepted through April 11, 2024 for consideration at the Public Hearing of Council taking place on April 22, 2024.

Submit your thoughts: Mayor Additionally, residents can also reach out to the mayor using the contact form here:

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