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Triwood Study Space

Stuck at home because of online schooling or working from home?

Triwood offers one of the most affordable co-working spaces in Calgary! Our casual, inviting design allows you to focus and get to those tasks on your to-do list. Spaces are rentable in 3-hour blocks for $5. There are no membership fees to use our space.

Our main goal was to provide a workspace that is available to the community in a time where campuses and other public spaces are closed or at limited capacity. Public wifi is free and we have 4 tables available to rent which are spread out within our annex which has tons of natural sunlight.

Hours are 9 am-9 pm, Monday-Thursday and 9 am-5 pm on Friday with some exceptions. A detailed schedule can be found on the study space page on our website:

Check out the full gallery below!

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